Oil and Gas Sector

The services our company offers include all kinds of supply for making an arrangement of extraction and refining objects of oil, gas and condensate, as well as for engineering from elaboration of technical-business solution till putting the object in operation.


Preliminary on the preparing stage of solution there will be submitted all necessary characteristics of the unit, our assortment or customer  requirements on concrete technology, size of equipment within the frames of installation and many other nuances.


The optimal technological process of constructing, installation and assembling is carried out on the industrial  capacities of the company and on complementary parts  of world-leading manufacturers.


The equipment will be delivered „on a turn-key basis“, our experts  will carry out its installation directly on the place, they  will perform  start-and-adjustment works, install monitoring- measuring devices and equipment, will connect it to the existing monitoring system of object and will train the  attendants.

In case of need, for all hydrocarbons equipment will be delivered the spare parts, the account materials, accompanying devices and the service will be maintained by our employees.


Our employees  have a great experience in projecting of the technological equipment in the oil and gas industry, for example:


  • equipment for gas and condensate preparation plants at gas-condensate field (installation of preliminary preparation of gas and complex gas treatment installation) on crafts and natural gas storage;
  • equipment for oil-fields and accompanying gas
  • equipment for purging and processing of natural and accompanying gas on gas processing plants;
  • equipment for liquid hydrocarbons processing for receiving household and motor fuel, and initial components for petrochemical industry
  • equipment for preparation and processing of natural and accompanying gas, condensate and oil on sea platform and coastal constructions,
  • equipment for purging of technological gas, for preparation of fuel gas and starting gas on compressor station and boosting compressor station;
  • equipment for gauging and metering of gas;
  • complex of the equipment for torch installations;
  • mass transfer equipment (columns with various types of plates and nozzles)
  • thermal change devices;
  • drainage, ground and underground capacities, working under an excessive pressure;
  • gas separators;
  • oil separators;
  • liquid degassers;
  • filters for rough and fine cleaning of a fluid from firm particles;
  • dust catchers, filters – separators, filters – dust catchers;
  • separator of biphasic fluid;
  • furnaces and combustion heater of gas and oil of direct heating and with the intermediate heat-carrier;
  • fire evaporators for regeneration of absorbents;
  • rapid-acting gate of detachable joints in devices;
  • quick-changing constriction devices for installation of measuring orifice in pipe ducts;
  • technological blocks with application of the products listed above, reinforcement blocks, blocks of pumps and other equipment;
  • oil pumping installations;
  • piped and plug-in beam-balanced pumping unit;
  • orifice discrete;
  • filter with removable filtering elements,
  • locking shoe ring;