Constant development of new technologies and their introduction in medical practice deduce medicine on qualitatively new level. Medical work of  any occupation is now impossible without the qualitative and reliable medical equipment. The modern medical equipment truly serves  to traumatologists and therapists, gynaecologists and paediatrics, surgeons and dentist Ultrasonic gauges, tomographs, devices for artificial respiration and other medical equipment support doctors in their hard business of struggling for health of people. Very important is  maintenance of reliability and trouble-free work of the medical equipment in hospitals, polyclinics and the medical centres. Any newest medical technics is equipment of high complexity and its quality requires the highest standards, after all it is a question of health and human lives. Our company brings to your attention only the high-quality medical equipment from manufacturers with a world name.: ultrasonic apparatus, computer tomographic scanner, angiographs, ultrasonic gauges, the other ultrasonic equipment and medical technics, the equipment for carrying out of the most complicated operations, systems of maintenance of vital activity.


Department of medical equipment of Hybrid Innovations:


  • Selection and delivery of equipment at the declared technical characteristics
  • selection of equipment for a specific target
  • we fulfil guarantee service repair, after guarantee service, control of devices, and also maintenance with account materials
  • delivery of the equipment to the customer with any kind of transport to any point of the world;


Projects for the medical equipment supply are carried out by highly qualified employees who can advise the manufacturer whose equipment in spite of  high quality and reliability reduce the expenses on its maintenance. Specialists of Hybrid Innovations will render the essential assistance while selecting the variants of medical systems and equipment.

Besides, they provide you with complete information about technical characteristics and methods of usage of the acquired devices and account materials, they render assistance in servicing of the delivered medical equipment.