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Mechanical engineering

Company Hybrid Innovations carries out deliveries of machinery equipment for the  main  industrial manufacturers. We cooperate with leading world constructors of the equipment and technics: Thyssen Krupp, Lödige, SMS Siemag and others. Innovative development of mechanical engineering, saturation of production sector with new technical units are the basic sources for the  further economic growth of the country. Our company renders a full complex of services in deliveries of machinery equipment, offering only the intellectual and checked up decisions.

In other words, we make consulting, we select, we develop the schemes of execution, financing, installation, automation and supply of the necessary equipment. All supplied products, machines, services and know-hows are used in the advanced industrial manufacturing all over the world. Thus, you can completely rely on us in questions of deliveries „on a turn-key basis“ under the scheme „all inclusive“ for primary equipment, or expansion, modernization and updating of objects of mechanical engineering. Also be assured, we always work for your advantage. Our technologies and know-hows pursue one aim: increasing and maintenance of competitiveness of your enterprise.


Types of equipment


Our company delivers following equipment:


Metal-cutting machines: metal working lathe, turning-and-boring lathe,turret lathe, single spindle  multiple tool semiautomatic machine, single-spindle and multiple-spindle horizontal automatic and semiautomatic machines, multiple-spindle vertical turning semiautomatic machines, drilling machines, vertical- and radial drilling machines, boring machines, percussive drilling machines, broaching machines, grinding machines, gear shaping machines, milling machines, electromechanical and electrophysical metal working machines, belt-saw machines and band-saws, aggregate machines and assembly lines, machines with numerical control.

Press-forging equipment: mechanical and hydraulic presses, forging-pressing machines, including machines with numerical control, horizontal-forging machines, bending and straightening machines, metal-cutting and metal-processing scissors,

lathe for cold rolling-off and rolling-on.

Technologies and equipment for foundry production: foundry equipment and casting materials, technologies of founding production, (casting and all founding technological processes) , foundry, welding equipment.

Tools: metal-cutting tools, cutting edge tools, abrasive professional diamond tools; tools from ultra-hard materials. Electric tools, plasma-cutting tools, professional pneumatic tools,

metal-assembly tools, motor repairing tools and other tools. Systems of tool-furnishing, encoding and inventory-making. Tools and equipment  for plasma cutting. Complete furnishing the machines with instrument.

The Technologies

Laser equipment and technologies.

Monitoring-measuring machines, tools and devices: coordinate-measuring machines. Measuring devices in automated complexes. Devices for active monitoring of surface quality and form precision. Systems and  devices for monitoring and diagnostics of condition of metal-working machines, equipment and tools. Measuring tools and appliance.

Automation of production and computer-aided designing: software, preparing of controlling systems, programs for computer-aided projecting, automation of managing system and  technological working out  process. Robotics. Means and elements of automation of metal-working equipment (metal-working machines).

Lift-and- carry devices and storage equipment: conveyers, transporters, high-lift trucks, lift-and-carry equipment, storage equipment, load lifting equipment, logistic, industrial cleaning.

Materials: constructing, tool-making and operating materials (metals and alloys, glass, synthetic materials, composite materials, industrial ceramics and s. o.).

Associated parts and wares, technological equipment, operating materials: complete electrical equipment and actuation, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, pneumatic tools, lubricating equipment, filters, electric motors ( asynchronous electric motors of direct and alternating current etc.) Reducing gear and gear reducing motors. Unified constructing units, bushing, rubber-technical wares.

Bearings: All kinds of bearings. Plain bearings, hub bearings etc. Equipment for bearing production.


Hybrid Innovations renders following services:

Engineering and consulting. Services in preparing and maintenance of manufacturing and realization  processes of mechanical engineering products.

Complete projecting, automation and rebuilding of enterprises (workshops). Projecting of technologies and equipment, installation, adjustment, service, maintenance  of technological equipment and furnishing tools. Training of attendants. Metrological support. Marketing consulting.